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A GSoC project by Avinal Kumar

Coding Week 7 Meeting

Week 7 Progress


  • Where I can find packaging info for FOSSology?
    • All the scripts and companion files are located inside debian folder.
    • The most important files are control, which contains the dependency and description of each package, and rules file, which contains the make commands for creating the packages.
  • What are ${shlibs:Depends} and ${misc:Depends} ?
    • They are dependencies required for creating Debian packages. CMake should be adding them by default so we can safely ignore them.
  • Will the new packages have the same structure as the old ones? (Michael)
    • Yes for compatibility purposes Gaurav has suggested exactly follow the same structure as the old one.
  • Copyright build is slow because the same object files are being compiled three times, can you improve that? (Gaurav)
    • I can try compiling the common object files beforehand and then adding the executables. But how to know the common object files?
    • Gaurav showed me where in the Makefiles I can find the common object files.
  • There are problems with copying the symbolic link and packaging them. So I have to find some alternatives to resolve that.
  • With component installing, package description can no longer be set.
  • The fossology-common package contains file from fossology-db package. And the fossology-db package is empty.
    • Gaurav said this was unexpected and should not happen. This seems to be a very old bug with packaging.

Conclusion and Further Plans

  • Work more on the packaging.
  • Improve compilation of copyright and monk agents
  • Try to solve the packaging bug and add a pull request for that.
  • Move on to implementing testing configurations.

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