New Buildsystem and CI/CD

A GSoC project by Avinal Kumar

Coding Week 5 Meeting

Week 5 Progress


  • There are permission problems while running bash script of nomos, monk and genvendor.
    • One possible fix can be to add bash before each bash scripts.
    • The other fix is to modify shebang line in each script from #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash.
  • In copyright agent same files are being compiled thrice, this is slowing down the build.
    • I am working on it. The problem is occurring because of three different executables.
    • I will try to combine the common objects together.
  • There are some redundant files in the installation. And VERSION file is missing in /usr/local/share/fossology.

Conclusion and Further Plans

  • Fix copyright build.
  • Remove redundant files and folders.
  • Fix permission issues.

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