New Buildsystem and CI/CD

A GSoC project by Avinal Kumar

Coding Week 4 Meeting-2

Week 4 Progress


  • Why all the symbolic links in cli points to fo_wrapper script?
    • The fo_wrapper script calls the PHP script on the symbolic link that called the fo_wrapper. It also initializes any requirement before calling the scripts.
  • How to generate all the other configuration in /usr/local/etc/fossology directory?
    • You can find the input files for all these configurations in the install/defcon directory.
  • What are OBSOLETEFILES in www/ui/Makefile ?
    • They are kept for compatibility purposes. Although they have been removed in the current versions of FOSSology, if a user installs a new version on top of an older instance, then we should explicitly remove those files.
  • I have created a separate folder for generating vendor directory. Is that okay?
    • Yeah, it should be fine, But it would be better to rename it to something else. Or even better if moved to www itself. Since these files are used by www.

Conclusion and Further Plans

  • Move vendor scripts to www directory.
  • Implement installing for FOSSology cli.
  • Implement installing configuration scripts.
  • Finish installation for testing

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