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Coding Week 9 Meeting

Week 9 Progress


  • Is this a necessity that tests must be run as the fossy user? Because when I run tests as me they as for permissions. But proceeds as the fossy user.

    • No this is not required and this should not happen. They run under fossy as they sometimes require writing into /srv/fossology. But if they can run under other users that is an enhancement.
  • I am getting a lot of install issues in C/C++ agent tests?

    Start 3: delagent_unit_test
    3: Test command: /home/avinal/Documents/my_git/fossology/build/src/delagent/agent_tests/test_delagent
    3: Test timeout computed to be: 10000000
    3: install: cannot stat '/home/avinal/Documents/my_git/fossology/build/src/delagent/agent_tests/..//../../install/defconf/Db.conf': No such file or directory
    3: install: cannot stat '/home/avinal/Documents/my_git/fossology/build/src/delagent/agent_tests/..//VERSION': No such file or directory
    3: sh: 1: ../../../testing/db/createTestDB.php: not found
    3: Failed to run ../../../testing/db/createTestDB.php -c /home/avinal/Documents/my_git/fossologbuild/src/delagent/agent_tests/testconf -e, exit code is:127 .
    3/8 Test #3: delagent_unit_test ...............***Failed    0.02 sec
    • Not sure about the reason. I was suspecting Makefile but since they are gone now, I think PHP files are calling some shell commands causing this.
  • Suggestions/Changes from Gaurav for fixing tests.

    • For clib-tests, it needs to be called from PHP file (via PHPUnit) as it requires setting up a dummy repo. Check the src/lib/c/test/Makefile
    • For missing services.xml, the test cases include src/lib/php/common-container.php which loads the file. It expects it to be in current dir. Can be solved in two ways
      • Create another common-container.php just for test cases with correct paths.
      • Edit the current file and take the help of environment variables. For example, if a test variable is exported in env, find the XML relative to it otherwise continue as normal and this variable can be exported by CMake during the test.
    • Scheduler tests do need fossology_testconfig from Makefile.deps which set up the srv and create test configurations, DB, etc.
      • Another shell script can be written to do all that and call it from CMake. The PHP file called makes everything required in /tmp so not an issue.
      • The locations like LOG_DIR, FOSSDB_CONF, etc. in CMakeLists.txt can be changed to some other values. I am guessing this is the reason you were asked for the fossy password.
    • File src/copyright/agent_tests/Functional/ needs to be edited to take paths relative to build dir. It can also be made into a .in file which is generated from CMake? So every path can easily be updated.
    • For PHP agents with missing version.php issue, there is a hack possible
    • Other PHP issues like PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'Fossology\Lib\Agent\Agent' not found can only be solved by editing composer.json before doing composer install (look for autoload: psr-4 ).
    • For delagent, pkgagent, mimetype issues, something can be done here:

Conclusion and Further Plans

  • Raise a pull request for all the progress till now.
  • Refactor the test source code according to suggestions.
  • Implement remaining testing configurations.

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