New Buildsystem and CI/CD

A GSoC project by Avinal Kumar

First Evaluation Report


In the first phase of GSoC 2021 @ The FOSSology Project, I have completed the desired milestone. As of now, FOSSology can be installed completely via CMake and most of the components are working fine in initial testing.

List of tasks completed

  • Added CMake build configurations for all the C/C++ agents for executables, libraries, and coverages
  • Added CMake install configuration for all C/C++ and PHP agents as well as extra components
  • Reworked the shell scripts and generated source files to make them more compatible with CMake as well as better in terms of overall compatibility with the latest tools.


  • The new CMake build architecture is much more flexible to changes as compared to hard-coded Makefiles.
  • CMake generated configurations support parallel build by default, this has led to significant improvement in build time. CMake generated configuration can now build the whole project within 2 mins or even faster on more powerful CPUs (Both Ninja and Makefiles with the same number of parallel processes) compared to 4-5 minutes previously. (These results are averaged from initial testing of new build architecture)
  • CMake supports out-source builds by default, which means the source folders are not touched/modified while building, all build files and residuals get their separate folder and the source tree can be cleaned easily.
  • Developers can now opt for a long list of generators to build FOSSology e.g Makefiles, Ninja as per their needs.

How to test

Instructions to test the new Build system is in this wiki.

Known Issues

  • There may be a permission issue with some generated sources while building. This can be bypassed for now by running sudo chmod +x <filename> command.
  • Coverage builds may fail.

Postponed Tasks

  • configuration for tests are skipped for now

Work in Progress

  • Currently, I am working on packaging the FOSSology with CMake.

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